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Hello guys! I finally graduated from college! It is now the time for the real world. A lot of people who are in the industry always tell us that being in the corporate world is never easy. It’ll be a long journey for me to achieve the goals I aspire. Difficulties are always present. You just have to move forward and face the challenges that you will encounter. Who knows? Maybe someday, you’ll be on top because you did something that is hard to work for.

Anyway, congratulations to the batch 2017! Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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Ginoong Informatics 2016

It’s been 10 days from now since I won the Ginoong Informatics 2016. I just can’t believe I did it. I was being discouraged, not by other people, but myself. Maybe it’s because that was my first time to join a competition, although it’s not a huge event, in my school. So many thoughts came in my mind when one of the professors asked me to join the pageant.

“Ms., paano yung sa question and answer portion? Baka wala akong masagot dun.”
“Ms., how will I able to answer the question? What if I mental block?”

“Ms., sinong mag aayos sakin? Anong isusuot ko?”
“Ms., who will contour me? What will I wear?

“Hala Ms., hindi ko kaya baka walang sumuporta sakin.”
“Ms., I’m afraid that no one will support me.”

But then, I was wrong not believing in myself. I asked bunch of my friends if I should continue, they said “yes”. I also realize that this is the time to come out in my comfort zone and be confident to face a lot of people.

And then, the day of pageant came (August 25, 2016)

The clock is ticking and I can feel the pound on my chest. I wanted to clear my mind but there are so many things bothering me. I practiced answering questions with my friends and I can’t even answer them straight. I was nervous and I don’t know what to do by that time.


The event finally started.

First round was ramping with our partner. I was disappointed because no one shouted and cheered for us. I told to myself that we’re gonna lose.


Second round was the talent. We danced ballroom which only took maybe 1:30 mins. And this time, half of the crowd shouted and cheered. We just practiced the day before the event because there are lots of school works to do so we got no time to rehearse.

Excuse my VERY awkward poses. I’m not that kind of a smooth dancer. Haha!

And then the final round, the question and answer portion. We’re the 3rd partner to present and I’m shaking by that time.

When it was our turn, I thought “this is it, no turning back now.”

Judge #3: “Maaari mo bang ipakilala ang iyong sarili?”
“Kindly introduce yourself.”

“Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Ako si John Nicole Villanueva. Ang kumakatawan sa ikatlong pang… antas ng kolehiyo.”
“Good evening everyone. I am John Nicole Villanueva. The representative of the third grou… year in college.”

I stuttered from nervous and thinking what will be the question.

Judge #3: “Paano mo ihahalintulad ang kultura ng sariling atin sa kultura ng ibang lahi?”
“How will you compare the culture of the Philippines to the culture of other country?

I can’t think of any answer but I suddenly remember what I memorized about something that is quite related to the question. And then I thought, “Bahala na.” “Whatever.”

“Ipagmamalaki ko ang kultura ng ating bansa sa pamamagitan ng pag tangkilik sa sariling atin. Ang pagmamahal sa kultura at tradisyon na kinagisnan ng bawat Pilipino…”
“I will patronage the culture of the Philippines and be proud of it. I’ll show love to the culture and tradition that every Pilipino knew…”

Unfortunately, I was out of words and got mental blocked. But then, everyone cheered for me. I told to myself, this is it, I’m gonna lose. After, maybe, 10 seconds, I continued and said..

“… Ang kultura natin ay ating gamitin at impluwensiyahan ang mga Pilipino na tangkilikin ito at maari natin itong maipagmamalaki sa ibang lahi. Maraming salamat po.”
“… We should use our culture and influence every Pilipino to patronage and be proud of it. Thank you.”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. My last answer was a bit nonsense. I was really sad with my answer even though the crowd shouted and cheered.

After that, it’s the time for announcing the winners.

First award is the Best in Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana. The second year contestants got it. Second award is the Best in Talent. The night class contestants won that award. Third is the People’s Choice. I had high hopes because I already knew that I won based on the likes on Facebook. So, the second year girl and I won.

Finally, it’s the time to proclaim the Ginoo at Binibining Informatics 2016.

My mind is completely empty by that time.

“Ang nanalo bilang Ginoong Informatics 2016 ay si…” *drum rolls* “… John Nicole Villanueva!”
“The winner of Ginoong Informatics 2016 is…” *drum rolls* “… John Nicole Villanueva!”

I was like, woah. For real? Then I walked in front to receive my award. I am so glad by that time. I saw my mom in the crowd smiling and giving me a thumbs up. I just can’t believe I did it!

That night is a memorable one. First because, of course, I won two awards! And second is that my mom was there because I thought she wouldn’t come and watch. (She only saw the last portion of the pageant but that’s okay tho, I asked one of my friends to record me so that I could show it to my mom after.)

I believe that everyone of us has the opportunity to won. You just have to have trust in yourself that you can make it no matter what. Win or lose, the important thing is you did what is have to be done and prove to them that you can make it.