School 2015: Who Are You

A Korean drama which basically talks about bullying and an identical twin.

I’ve watched this series since maybe last 3 weeks. Today, I finished it. It only consists of 16 episodes and 1 hour each. I seriously gonna miss this tho. It feels like I’m included in that drama. I felt the way they act which absolutely caught my attention.


I’m totally speechless right now. To be honest, after watching it, I feel like I’m gonna cry knowing that it’s the last episode. How I wish it never ended. Well, I guess I just need to move on and watch for another series either Korean or not.

Farewell, School 2015: Who Are You


We Got Married – SungJoy (Bbyu Couple)

Hey guys and gals! So, it’s been months since I posted here in my blog. I’ve been very busy (until now) in school activities. So, this is the only time I can post again. Probably the next blog will be next year. Kidding.. Haha!

Anyway, last month I guess, my friends in school were talking about a variety show called “We Got Married“. I got confused on what are they chatting on. Therefore, I asked one of them if I can have a copies of those videos. After that, I didn’t watch it immediately because to be honest, I’m not kind of interested on it but, every time they talk about the stuff on what is happening in the show, I always felt out-of-place. Yep, so I took courage and fortunately, the show is great! It looks like they are real couples and for the first time in my life, I felt the “kilig” thing. Haha!

I am currently now on my 33rd episode of the Bbyu Couple namely, Yook Sungjae and Park Sooyoung. They were, in my opinion although I haven’t watch the previous couples, the cutest and funniest couple because, I think, of their age. They are too young and a bit immature to be a married couple but that doesn’t matter because at least they enjoy being with each other.

I guess that’s it! I’ll look forward to the remaining episodes tho. I still don’t want it to be ended because it only has45 episodes. Perhaps, I’ll now start watching one episode everyday. Hehe. That would be all.


P.S. Not that kind of fan with Korean shows or series but I’m starting to like it now. Haha!

Just a random thought…

It’s been a while since I posted something on this blog. I don’t feel like doing it because one main reason is, I don’t have time to blog. Why? Lemme elaborate all of it.

1. Student Council Duties – yes, I really need to attend those meetings we had. Thankfully, it’s already done.

2. School Works – as a college student, one of the big reponsibilities you need to take is the school works. Requirements, assignments, seatworks, project and everything that is needed to be pass on time or else I’ll receive a low grade and lose my sholarship.

3. Exams – during the finals, it is so hassle not to do the requirements earlier. I regret it, so I had to sleep for only about 4 hours for 1 week straight. I know it’s still long for a student who studies in a university but for me, it’s not. I woke up every morning really tired and two bags in my eyes (if you know what I mean), but life must go on.

Now, I’m enjoying the sem break though we still need to go to school for clearance. It’s not required everyday to go to school. You have the choice if you want to take it earlier as much as possible. Like what I have said a while ago, I regret not doing everything ahead on the deadline. I guess that’s it! ‘Till next time!

Anyway, I have a Soundcloud. Listen to me if you want to. I make some covers. 🙂

Love always,


Sad to say, the flash mob thing will no longer happen. The reason of it is because of too much activities in this week like opening of clubs, Business Administration Week and blood donation. I’m kinda upset to be honest. I was so excited to perform but then, it didn’t happen. Maybe, this is not yet the time. Anyway, there will be another upcoming event in August so yeah I guess, hopefully, our plans will work.


BA Week and someone took a photo of me. SMILE! (c) Ate Tricia

So, in order for me to forget this stuff, I’ll just jump into another short story about my dream last Saturday (July 26, 2015). That day, I was creating my program for my project in one of our subjects. And then, I thought it would be great to make a program about facts and stuff about Harry Potter Movie. Fortunately, I was able to finish that program and gladly it worked! So, that evening, I dreamed about Harry Potter. Not, Harry Potter itself but about the spell he used to say in the movie like “Expecto Patronum!”, “Stupefy!”, “Inciendo!” and more.


Harry’s using the Patronus Charm. Well done, Harry. Well done.

I thought it was real. LIKE FOR REAL! I WISH IT WAS REAL! So, the reason why I’m telling you this is because the spells worked in my dream. I mean, I said those in my dream and poof, I have powers! But it was so frustrating because I only get to use it for a short period of time and then I have to gain powers again. I know it’s kinda different from the movie but I was so amazed and felt lucky by that time because I have a wand. Yes, a wand. And that wand, saved me and my friends plus Harry and the gang, from a Giant Spider.

Mom woke me up and I was like, “why did you do that?!”

Love always,

Rise Of The Phoenix

There will be an upcoming event in our school which is the opening of clubs or school organizations. I’m quite excited because I’m going to perform for the flash mob that was planned by the S.C. (I’m one them, yeah. Not to brag tho) I was assign in the Glee Club which means I’m going to sing. Well, I’m a part of Glee Club since last year so, yeah. No, not only me, I mean all of former glee club members will perform. And we are going to JAM! The song we picked is Counting Stars / Timber Mashup by Sam Tsui. We’re going to sing it then when the Timber part comes in, the Dance Club will immediately also perform. We didn’t practice yet because it was moved next week. So, maybe this coming Saturday I think or next week. I wish we’ll execute it properly with no mistakes. This is going to be fun, hoping tho. Anyways, that would be all. I guess this is going to be my diary now. Well, I know nobody reads this thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang so yeah. But if you do, thanks for reading this nonsense letter or something.

P.S. The title is our theme for the event. And some sort of explanation will be conducted after the event. Stay tune, if you want to.

Love always,

Hey, I’m back!

It’s been months since I posted stuff here. I don’t know, maybe I don’t feel posting in my blog anymore but then I thought I was just lazy thinking on what to post. Anyway, i just recently finished the book “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” Have you ever read that book? If not, then you should have to because it will really make you realize that the things happening in this world (especially on you) is different. I don’t know if you get it or not. My brain is starting to have so many thoughts right now. Maybe it’s because of too many school works. I’m a second year college student by the way. Back to the book. I kinda like the way it was written in a letter. It’s like you’re talking to someone who doesn’t even exist and you’re there writing words to tell you how happy you are and then you realize it’s just you talking to yourself. But in every letter there is a great story behind it. I wish I could also write like Stephen Chbosky, the author of the book. It’s like, wow. Just wow.

I guess I’m trying to be kinda Charlie here. But anyway, it’s already 11:49pm here (This is my current time in the Philippines). I don’t care if I have wrong grammar or something. I just wanted to post again and be “active” in this way. Maybe another day, I’ll post again something like this and I have quiz tomorrow and I wish I can pass that even though I only review a little bit. But I can still manage to remember the lessons tho.

Love always,