Internship Thoughts

Pressured. Tired. Unmotivated.

Three words that probably describes my current situation right now.

I am having an internship in Makati and so far, I am enjoying it.


You know, that feeling when you are being optimistic and having a positive vibes in the morning but when you start to work, everything seems to be crowded. Does that make sense? I don’t know.

Lately, my mind is having a lot of thoughts when I’m walking until I reached the building where I am having an internship.

“Do I still have a  purpose there?” “Is this really what I want?” “I want to stop now but..”

As a person who is in the field of Information Technology, there are a lot of pressure going on. Why? Because they expect that being an IT, you should know all about computers and especially the code stuff. But then, that doesn’t limit the fact that you should only focus in coding. Information Technology is very wide. But, in order for you to know the branches of IT, you should of course, study.

When my  classmates are doing their job and I’m the only one who doesn’t know what to do, because I am silent and doesn’t talk that much, I started to feel down to myself. I feel like I’m being apart from them and less competent. I feel like I am small based on the words they’re saying, although I not sure if that was meant for me.

But you know, as they say that you should keep moving forward. This is just start of facing a lot of challenges in life. I just need to show courage and be brave to conquer those difficult situations that can lead to a successful future.

I bet no one would ever read this so, I’m just gonna leave it here.



P.S. I think I want a new career path. I’ll just wait for the right moment and time.


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